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Available at the Aquarium Café
WiFi Hotspot info:
You will need to buy a ticket with a valid username and password in order to get Internet access. Once you login, you will be able to use Internet as long as you have time or bandwidth left.
Pricing is as Follows:
1 Hour - $12 TOP
5 Hours - $50 TOP
10 Hours - $100 TOP
20 Hours - $160 TOP
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CocoNet Café - full laundry service. Wash, Dry, Fold. Open: 8am - 5pm Mon-Sat. Located beside the small boat marina in town centre. Telephone: 71311, VHF 16

Sailing Safaris - self service (i.e.. You must bring your own washing powder and be present to remove your clothes from washer and dryer. Please call in advance to check if machine is free. Telephone: 70650, VHF 16

Adventure Backpackers - self service. Wash & Line Dry. Telephone: 70955, VHF 71

Character Canvas - Located on the waterfront, downstairs from Aquarium Café.
Telephone: 70975, 70493, VHF 16

Moorings - Located on the waterfront, beside Aquarium Café.
Telephone: 70016, VHF 72

Lighthouse Café sells great baguettes, garlic breads, 8-grain breads, brown breads, coconut buns, etc. Open: Mon-Sat, 8am-3pm. Located on the road up the side of the large white catholic church
Telephone: 70512, VHF 16

Pafilio's Tongan Bakery sells great value white bread and brown bread loaves, whole and sliced, as well as a range of Tongan cakes & doughnuts. Located just off the main street in town, up the road beside Liviela Taxi rank.

Crow's Nest sells great bread, rolls, muffins, bagels, etc. Open: Mon - Sat. Located near to Customs Wharf
VHF 16


MINISTRY OF TOURISM (formerly TVB=Tongan Visitors Bureau)
Visit Mr. Bruno Toke and get the latest informations.

If you require anything sent urgently from abroad, there are 3 different courier company agents available in Neiafu - DHL, UPS and FedEx.
UPS agent E.M. Jones Hardware Telephone: 70422
FedEx agent Western Union Telephone: 70888
DHL agent Mapa (taxi driver) Telephone: 12363
Please note that it is best to order anything urgent through these courier companies as early as possible, as the time quoted for a delivery is often much longer by the time your delivery actually arrives! You are welcome to courier packages to our attention if you would like.