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Moorings, Check-in -out, Rubbish, Immigration, Fuel, Duty free fuel, Propane/Butane, Water


Moorings, Check-in -out, Rubbish, Immigration, Fuel, Duty free fuel, Propane/Butane, Water

Wireless internet from your boat, laundry, sail repairs, bakeries, Ministry of Tourism (formerly TVB=Tongan Visitors Bureau), couriers

Post, Taxi, internetphone, market/business hours, Money / Bank, Mail

Local morning Net (Cruiser's Information Net), Tongan cultural feasts, Restaurants, Night-life, dress around town, hikes, activities
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If you would like something sent via the Post you may address it General Delivery or to the 'Yacht in Transit', Care of: Vava'u Adventures, PO Box 110, Neiafu, Vava'u, Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific, +676-70493. Do address it to 'Yacht in Transit', but be aware that duty and tax may still apply. Vava'u Adventures is happy to hold packages for you prior to your arrival and will also forward mail on to you with advance payment by credit card (please note that these things can get expensive!).

There are two taxi ranks on the main street in town. J.V. Taxi is located opposite Pacific Timber & Hardware. Liviela Taxi is located next to 'OtuMoheMohe (the green store). Road Runner Taxi is a single-person, very reliable taxi service who also has a VHF. Be aware that Taxis run on Sundays, but may be harder to come by without an advance arrangement.
J.V. Taxi - 70136
Liviela - 70240
Road Runner - 12094, VHF 16
, Base 71-119
Approximate fares (one-way, per taxi) prices in Tongan Pa'anga:
Around the centre of town $3
From town centre to Paradise Hotel $4
From town centre to Toula or Mt. Talau $5
From town to Airport $15
From town to Tongan Beach Resort $15
From town to Ano/Hinekauea Beach $15
Tour around Main Island will vary a lot depending on distance covered, as fuel prices here are very expensive. Expect to pay around $30 per hour.

Tonfon (Shoreline Building); Aquarium Café; CocoNet Café, Café TropicanaSIM-Cards and prepaid-cards for an unlocked GMS 900 mobile at the TCC more>>

Business hours are from 9 a.m.-4 p.m; Saturday 12:30 p.m (also the market!)
In the night Friday-Saturday the main market turns into a night-market, open all night; fresh supplies from the outer islands are beeing brought in.

ANZ and WESTPAC, both with ATM (sometimes out of order, make sure you always have enough cash with you!) Credit cards are widely accepted in the restaurants. The currency is the TONGAN PA'ANGA, check exchange rate here>>>

Can be send from the post-office (stamps can be bought only here, please check out the beautiful tongan postal stamps!)
Baker from the vessel LIGHTEN UP offers a mail-collecting service, please address your mail to:
(your name or vessel)
Private Bag 62
Neiafu, Vava'u
You can also send it to Sailing Safaris, Aquarium Café or CocoNet Café. Pleas note that all parcels are subject to inspection from the Tongan Customs. Fees may occur.