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LOCAL MORNING-NET (Cruiser's Information Net)
Mo-Fr. at 8:30 the Local Net on VHF Ch. 6 provides useful informations: weather, tides, contacts, services needed or offered and local advertising.

Tongan Feasts are a great way to experience Tongan food, dancing, kava, handicrafts & string bands. There are numerous Feasts to choose from ranging from on the beach to a fusion-experience at one of the resorts. As a suggestion, feel free to bring your own drinks to the Beach Feasts as there may not be refreshments for purchase available and well-water may have giardia or other organisims in it. Details, dates, times, prices & bookings can be gotten from Vava'u Adventures' booking office, which may be reached on VHF 16.

There are quite a few lovely restaurants around town and out at island resorts. To name a few: Aquarium, Mango, Mana'ia, Mermaid, Ciao, Salesi's, Tropicana, Tongan Bob's, Dancing Rooster, Sovereign Residence, Pangai Villa, Tongan Beach, Mala Island, Mounu Island, Blue Lagoon, Treasure Island, La Paella, Ika Lahi, Crow's Nest, La Vela, Paradise Hotel, Puataukanave, and Compass Rose. There are some fantastic chefs in Vava'u & restaurants range from cafe snack food to a full-course dining experience. Also check out the food court at the Market.

Good watering-holes can be found at most restaurants in town. Certain nights of the week tend to be busier at certain spots & bar-hopping throughout the evening can be quite popular. If you like kareoke be sure to check out Dancing Rooster. The Vava'u Yacht Club a.k.a. Mermaid Bar offers a free-beer to newly arriving crew. Tongan Bob's has 'Taco Tuesdays' and Fakaleiti Contests
( a Fakaleiti is "a man who wants to be like a lady"!) you won't want to miss! La Paella Restaurant at Tapana Island provides a fantastic evening of tapas, paellea, Flamenco music and dance. Find dancing 'til late several days a week at Mana'ia (formerly Ana's Cafe). And for the late-night Tongan night-club, there's always Moteli, but keep your wits about you!

The Tongan culture is very conservative when it comes to dress. Out of respect, please do not dress too skimpily while in town. It's most appropriate for shoulders and knees to be covered, but not so strict. Guys, please do wear a shirt! Girls, you too - no bikini tops in town!

The view from the top of Mt. Talau is not to be missed. Great for gaining some top-down perspective! Hike to the top from the trail head takes about 5-10 minutes. Can be slippery when wet. Hand-rails on parts of the trail. Trail head is about a 15-20 minute walk up-hill from town.

The fresh-water caves in Toula present a view of the eastern islands & local kids can often be found swimming there. Toula village is about a 25-minute walk from town.

Euakafa Island has great photo-ops from the top, where you'll also find a tomb! Good snorkel reef as well.

There is tons to do here in Vava'u! The topography of the main island and the unique geography of the island group lend toward excellent anchorages, great Snorkelling, world-class diving, hikes to views, drives to lookout points, and more. Don't forget to check out available land tours. New to Vava'u are Kart Safaris on the main island, Zego Tours of the islands, kite-boarding at Mounu Island and a semi-submarine tour. Info & Bookings can be made at Vava'u Adventures.