The trek starts at the horses' paddock, a short distance from the village of Pangai.

The trek goes across open bush land and along beaches.

The ride is intendet to let you see the beauty OFF ROAD,

to experience the untouched nature of the island.

Unless you are an experienced rider we prefer the slow pace for the horses.

The trek needs 4 hours to be completed.




120 Pa'anga (TOP) per person / horse
(please get special quote for children)

(we have 2 permanently available horses and can add up to 2 more horses if required)

Please note:

- weight limit for a rider is 90 kilo

- in case of an accident we can not be held accountable in any way


- Please book your tour well in advance with a notice of 2 days.

-Yes, we operate every day of the week.

- The route depends on the weather as well as on the tides.

- Please email to: horseriding(at)

or call us on +676-883 45 86 / 75 28 635 / 883 47 87 / 86 71 358