If you stay in a Guesthouse, Resort or Hotel you may have no problems phoning to anywhere in the world.
An alternative is the Tongan Communication Company (TCC) next to the Post Office.

The TCC is open and for faxes during businesshours.
If you plan to stay longer, consider taking along your GSM 900 or another code-free mobile. Purchasing one of the local SIM-Cards plus a PrePaid-Card may pay off. One minute for an overseas-call may be as cheap as 68 seniti (0,50 Euro). For Emails and surfing the WWW you can use the commercial Internet-Cafés.

 Due to the slow
speed and multiple problems with the
 internet-provider some internet-cafés have closed and some new have opened. Please get the latest information when you are here in Neiafu.


A few Cafés have been able to set up VOIP, mainly with Skype.

 Questions about details please
email to the Webmaster (English and German).

We have two companies, the TCC and Digicel.

Mobile reception is excellent in Neiafu and the signal may fade the further you move from Neiafu.

it´s possible to phone home even from an outer island.