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Battleship Yamato 2199

steht die Menschheit vor der Vernichtung. Die Gamilas, ein außerirdisches Großreich, haben die Erde unbewohnbar gemacht und die Nationen in den. Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Volume 1: Episode im Sammelschuber: Movies & TV. Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Vol. 5 (DE, JA) zu einem Toppreis bei kaufen. Heimlieferung in die ganze Schweiz!

Battleship Yamato 2199 Star Blazers 2199: Space Battleship Yamato – Streams

Die menschliche Rasse wurde im Jahr in einem Krieg gegen die Gamilos nahezu vernichtet. Alle Hoffnungen liegen nun auf dem jungen Offizier Susumu Kodai und Daisuke Shima. Sie begeben sich auf eine Mission, um die Gamilos doch noch zu. Uchū Senkan Yamato (jap. 宇宙戦艦ヤマト; zu deutsch „Kriegsraumschiff Yamato“), auch bekannt als Space Battleship Yamato, ist eine Anime-Serie aus dem Die ausgestrahlte Serie Uchuu Senkan Yamato wurde zuvor ab. steht die Menschheit vor der Vernichtung. Die Gamilas, ein außerirdisches Großreich, haben die Erde unbewohnbar gemacht und die Nationen in den. Star Blazers Space Battleship Yamato: Im Jahrhundert wird die Menschheit von Aliens angegriffen und droht auszusterben. Darum geht's bei Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato. Die Tage der Menschheit scheinen gezählt. Nur eines gibt ihnen Hoffnung: Das. Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Volume 1: Episode im Sammelschuber: Movies & TV. Jetzt online bestellen! Heimlieferung oder in Filiale: Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Volume 4: Episode von Yutaka Izubuchi | Orell Füssli:​.

Battleship Yamato 2199

Star Blazers Space Battleship Yamato: Im Jahrhundert wird die Menschheit von Aliens angegriffen und droht auszusterben. Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Volume 1 - Episode [DVD] im Onlineshop von MediaMarkt kaufen. Jetzt bequem online bestellen. Die menschliche Rasse wurde im Jahr in einem Krieg gegen die Gamilos nahezu vernichtet. Alle Hoffnungen liegen nun auf dem jungen Offizier Susumu Kodai und Daisuke Shima. Sie begeben sich auf eine Mission, um die Gamilos doch noch zu. Battleship Yamato 2199

In the year , Earth has been reduced to a radioactive desert through years of bombardment by an alien power, the Great Garmillas Empire , its space forces have been hopelessly outclassed, and the few remaining survivors have taken shelter in underground cities.

Queen Starsha of Iscandar delivers a message of hope to humanity, offering them a device that will restore Earth's ruined biosphere and plans for a wave motion engine.

The plans are used to build a new and heavily armed vessel capable of crossing intergalactic space for the device in the short time that remains--the space battleship Yamato.

Commanded by Admiral Juzo Okita , Yamato makes its way through the solar system , surprising and thoroughly defeating the Garmillan forces that have been besieging Earth.

The empire's unexpected defeat at the hands of a supposedly primitive race draws the attention of the empire's dictatorial leader, Abelt Dessler , who throws more of his empire's might against the Earth vessel in an increasingly desperate bid to stop it.

At the same time, a conspiracy to assassinate Dessler and seize the throne is attempted, and a resistance movement against Dessler begins to grow.

Elements of the resistance ally themselves with Yamato as it nears its destination in the Large Magellanic Cloud , and Yamato 's crew eventually confront Dessler's forces on the capital world of Garmillas itself, leading to the leader's exile and the beginning of a new era for the empire.

Yamato reaches Iscandar, and the crew learns about the dangerous potential of wave motion energy before receiving Starsha's gift and heading for home.

During the long voyage, Susumu Kodai , Yuki Mori , and other members of the Yamato crew suffer, grow together, and find love. Admiral Okita struggles with his own failing health as he fights to fulfill his most important mission.

As the mission becomes increasingly difficult, two senior officers attract followers to their own plan to settle a new planet and re-start human civilization instead of finding Iscandar, and launch a failed mutiny.

Although Space Battleship Yamato was produced as a twenty-six episode television series, it was initially released in a series of seven weekend theatrical releases across Japan beginning on April 7, , with each release consisting of two to four episodes each.

The series began its television run on Family Gekijo exactly one year after the first episode's theatrical debut. The first volumes in the series were released in in the United States as Star Blazers , initially with English and Spanish subtitles of Japanese content; English dubbing and subtitles in other languages were planned for subsequent releases.

Production and online orders for Star Blazers were "temporarily suspended" on August 27, without explanation, and with no resumption as of late Yamato was again dry-docked at Kure for further upgrades to all her radar and anti-aircraft systems from 25 February to 18 March Her radar suite was also upgraded to include infrared identification systems and aircraft search and gunnery control radars.

In early June, Yamato and Musashi were again requisitioned as troop transports, this time to reinforce the garrison and naval defenses of the island of Biak as part of Operation Kon.

By this time though, the entire Japanese navy was inferior in numbers and experience to the U. Pacific Fleet. Following the battle, Yamato withdrew with the Mobile Fleet to the Hashirajima staging area near Kure to refuel and rearm.

These resulted in the removal of almost every flammable item from the battleship, including linoleum , bedding, and mattresses.

In place of the latter, men slept on planks which could be used to repair damage. Flammable paints received a new silicon based overcoat, and additional portable pumps and fire fighting apparatus were installed.

Yamato and Musashi headed for the Lingga Islands , arriving on 16—17 July. By this stage of the war, Japan's tanker fleet had been much reduced by marauding American submarines, so major fleet units were stationed in the East Indies to be near the source of their fuel supply.

On 18 October, Yamato was given a coating of black camouflage in preparation for her nighttime transit of the San Bernardino Strait ; the main ingredient was soot taken from her smokestack.

The following day the Battle of the Sibuyan Sea hurt the Center Force badly with the loss of three more heavy cruisers, eliminating a substantial part of the fleet's anti-aircraft defence.

During the course of the day, American carrier aircraft sortied a total of times. Convinced that Kurita's Center Force had been turned back, Halsey took his powerful Task Force 38 in pursuit of the Japanese Northern Force, a decoy group composed of one fleet aircraft carrier Zuikaku , three light carriers, two Ise -class hybrid battleship-carriers, and their escorts.

During the hours of darkness, Kurita's force navigated the San Bernardino Strait and shortly after dawn, in the Battle off Samar , attacked an American formation that had remained in the area to provide close support for the invading troops.

Known as "Taffy 3", this small group comprised six escort carriers , three destroyers, and four destroyer escorts. Yamato emerged from the battle without serious damage; only three near misses from bombs and seventeen casualties from strafing were suffered during the battle itself, while carrier strikes during the retreat caused light damage to the ship and injured or killed 21 crewmen.

Three more heavy cruisers and one light cruiser were subsequently lost. Following the engagement, Yamato and the remnants of Kurita's force returned to Brunei.

Yamato left drydock two days later for Japan's Inland Sea. As the final step before their planned invasion of the Japanese mainland, Allied forces invaded Okinawa on 1 April.

Yamato and nine escorts the cruiser Yahagi and eight destroyers would sail to Okinawa and, in concert with kamikaze and Okinawa-based army units, attack the Allied forces assembled on and around Okinawa.

Yamato would then be beached to act as an unsinkable gun emplacement and continue to fight until destroyed. Unfortunately for the Japanese, the Allies had intercepted and decoded their radio transmissions, learning the particulars of Operation Ten-Go.

Further confirmation of Japanese intentions came around when the Surface Special Attack Force, navigating the Bungo Strait , was spotted by the American submarines Threadfin and Hackleback.

The Allied forces around Okinawa braced for an assault. Admiral Raymond Spruance ordered six battleships already engaged in shore bombardment in the sector to prepare for surface action against Yamato.

These orders were countermanded in favor of strikes from Admiral Marc Mitscher 's aircraft carriers, but as a contingency the battleships together with 7 cruisers and 21 destroyers were sent to interdict the Japanese force before it could reach the vulnerable transports and landing craft.

Yamato ' s crew were at general quarters and ready for anti-aircraft action by dawn on 7 April. Yamato obtained her first radar contact with aircraft at ; an hour later, American F6F Hellcat fighters appeared overhead to deal with any Japanese aircraft that might appear.

None did. At about , bomber and torpedo bomber aircraft arrived over the Japanese force. Asashimo , which had fallen out of formation with engine trouble, was caught and sunk by a detachment of aircraft from San Jacinto.

The first aircraft swooped in to attack at At a single torpedo struck Yamato far forward on her port side, sending shock waves throughout the ship.

These caused a great deal of damage to the turret and its magazines; only one man survived. Two impacts, on the port side near the engine room and on one of the boiler rooms, are confirmed; the third is disputed but is regarded by Garzke and Dulin as probable because it would explain the reported flooding in Yamato ' s auxiliary steering room.

The second attack started just before In a coordinated strike, dive bombers flew high overhead to begin their runs while torpedo bombers approached from all directions at just above sea level.

Overwhelmed by the number of targets, the battleship's anti-aircraft guns were ineffective, and the Japanese tried desperate measures to break up the attack.

Three or four torpedoes struck the battleship on the port side and one to starboard. Three hits, close together on the port side, are confirmed: one struck a fire room that had already been hit, one impacted a different fire room, and the third hit the hull adjacent to a damaged outboard engine room, increasing the water flow into that space and possibly flooding nearby locations.

The fourth hit, unconfirmed, may have struck aft of the third; Garzke and Dulin believe this would explain the rapid flooding reported in that location.

The third and most damaging attack developed at about Many near misses drove in her outer plating, compromising her defense against torpedoes. Most serious were four more torpedo impacts.

Three exploded on the port side, increasing water flow into the port inner engine room and flooding yet another fire room and the steering gear room.

With the auxiliary steering room already under water, the ship lost maneuverability and became stuck in a starboard turn. The fourth torpedo most likely hit the starboard outer engine room, which, along with three other rooms on the starboard side, was being counterflooded to reduce the port list.

The torpedo strike accelerated the rate of flooding and trapped many crewmen. At , the order was belatedly given to abandon ship. Fires raged out of control and alarms on the bridge warned of critical temperatures in the forward main battery magazines.

At , Yahagi sank, the victim of twelve bombs and seven torpedoes. At the same time, a final flight of torpedo bombers attacked Yamato from her starboard side.

Her list was now such that the torpedoes—set to a depth of 6. The battleship continued her inexorable roll to port. Three minutes later, Yamato capsized.

From the first attack at to the explosion at , Yamato was hit by at least 11 torpedoes and 6 bombs. There may have been two more torpedo and bomb hits, but this is not confirmed.

Due to often confused circumstances and incomplete information regarding their sinkings, few wrecks of Japanese capital ships have been discovered and identified.

On 16 July , a group of Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers began meetings to study the feasibility of raising the ship from the ocean floor and recovering the remains of crewmembers entombed in the wreckage.

The group said it plans to request government funds to research the technical feasibility of recovering the ship. The resulting video revealed many details such as the chrysanthemum crest on the bow, the massive propeller, and the detached main gun turret.

The nine-minute video of this survey is being shown at the Yamato Museum in Kure. From the time of their construction, Yamato and her sister Musashi carried significant weight in Japanese culture.

The battleships represented the epitome of Imperial Japanese naval engineering, and because of their size, speed, and power, visibly embodied Japan's determination and readiness to defend its interests against the Western Powers and the United States in particular.

Shigeru Fukudome , chief of the Operations Section of the Imperial Japanese Navy General Staff , described the ships as "symbols of naval power that provided to officers and men alike a profound sense of confidence in their navy.

Decades after the war, Yamato was memorialised in various forms by the Japanese. Historically, the word "Yamato" was used as a poetic name for Japan; thus, her name became a metaphor for the end of the Japanese empire.

In October , Leiji Matsumoto created a new television series, Space Battleship Yamato , about rebuilding the battleship as a starship and its interstellar quest to save Earth.

The series was a huge success, spawning eight feature films and four more TV series, the most recent of which was released in The series popularised the space opera.

As post-war Japanese tried to redefine the purpose of their lives, Yamato became a symbol of heroism and of their desire to regain a sense of masculinity after their country's defeat in the war.

It tells the story of a nuclear-powered super submarine whose crew mutinies and renames the vessel Yamato , in allusion to the World War II battleship and the ideals she symbolises.

In , the Yamato Museum was opened near the site of the former Kure shipyards. Although intended to educate on the maritime history of post Meiji-era Japan, [64] the museum gives special attention to its namesake; the battleship is a common theme among several of its exhibits, which includes a section dedicated to Matsumoto's animated series.

Later that year, Toei released a minute movie, Yamato , based on a book by Jun Henmi , to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II; Tamiya released special editions of scale models of the battleship in conjunction with the film's release.

The film begins with the sinking of Yamato and ends with its commissioning. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other ships with the same name, see Yamato ship.

Not to be confused with Isoroku Yamamoto. Yamato-class battleship.

The bed folds up to the rear wall to create a more open area for visitors. A single door leads from the room to the lower decks.

The captain's chair can move along a track from the forward window across the room and down directly into the captain's station on the first bridge immediately below " Wish Upon a Star ", " Point of No Return ", " The Distant Promised Land ".

Senior officers are given private windowless quarters on lower decks, while junior crew members use bunks in shared cabins " Clockwork Prisoner ", " Memories of the Blue Planet ", Space Battleship Yamato Odyssey of the Celestial Ark.

Yamato 's fighters are launched from dedicated areas of the ship. Hayabusa or Cosmo Tiger II fighters are launched from from a fighter bay in the lower rear half of the battleship; readied planes are rotated into position on alternating carousels and are released backward one at a time along a tracked ramp opening from the ship's keel, behind the main thrusters.

Cosmo Zeroes take off from retractable reward-pointing catapults that are elevated from enclosed bays to the upper aft deck " Gravestone on a Frozen Field ", " The Trap on All Sides ".

Other auxiliary craft and small visiting vessels use port and starboard hangars on the lower half of the main hull for take-offs and landings.

A robotic arm can be used to guide arriving vessels into one of the bays and to move them out into space " Clockwork Prisoner ", " Graveyard of the Universe ", " The Wolf from Another Dimension ", " Under a Rainbow Sun ".

During Yamato 's first year of service, a single Ki-8 Stork multipurpose craft was stored inside a small private bay on the forward ventral half of the ship.

The bay and the Ki-8 were hidden from the commanding officer and most of the crew by conspirators planning to seize the ship and abandon the search for Iscandar.

Its existence was revealed only after the collapse of the mutiny Space Battleship Yamato Odyssey of the Celestial Ark.

Yamato 's navigation through space is assisted by computers in a dedicated compartment placed ahead of the forward shock cannon turrets, near the location of the wave motion gun firing mechanisms.

The room is elevated above the corridor leading to it, forming a hemispheric bulge on the ship's top deck. Personnel enter and exit via a retracting stairway [10] " The Whisper of the Witch ".

At the time of Yamato 's launch in , the ship headed into unknown interstellar space with little usable data, and with their primary source of information, Princess Yurisha Iscandar , in a coma.

It was decided to use technology to directly access her unconscious brain and connect her to the ship's navigational system. Yurisha was placed inside a sealed medical capsule, which was transferred to the auto-navigation room prior to takeoff; knowledge of her presence was kept from all aboard but the commanding officer, the executive officer, and the chief physician " Toward a Sea of Stars ", " Out of the Forest of Memory ".

The procedure was a limited success, but it became unnecessary after members of the crew discovered an intact Iscandarian star chart on the planet Beemela 4 " A Choice for the Future ".

After arriving on Iscandar, a key component of the new Cosmo Reverse System installed in the battleship was placed inside the auto-navigation room " The Distant Promised Land ".

The ship's medical section is made up of a suite of facilities capable of providing care for a wide range of health conditions. Major trauma cases--particularly combat casualties--are brought to a hospital area that can accommodate numerous patients " The Sun Sets on Pluto ", " Memories of the Blue Planet ".

For the most critical cases requiring invasive procedures, the medical staff can conduct robotic surgery. A patient is suspended in an enclosed chamber filled with oxygenated fluid [11] ; a cluster of small mobile units operated by remote control carry out procedural instructions, and transmit data to the attending staff " The Wolf from Another Dimension ".

The chief medical officer administers the medical section from a private office " Escape from the Jupiter Sphere ".

Earth's first contact with an alien civilization in , the Great Garmillas Empire, quickly turned into a war that overwhelmed its limited abilities over the following years " Messenger of Iscandar ", " A World I Once Saw ", " Out of the Forest of Memory ".

As the ships of the UN Cosmo Navy were outclassed by their alien opponents and as the human homeworld was turned into a radioactive desert by a ceaseless Garmillan onslaught , the leadership of the Earth Federation saw escape as the only option.

Under Project Izumo , humanity would build its first interstellar spaceship and ferry a small group of survivors out of the solar system to find a new planet to inhabit.

A site underneath the dry seabed of the East China Sea, off the Bonomisaki Cape of Japan, was chosen for construction.

The new ship was built partially underground and partially above the surface; its exposed upper hull was disguised as the wreck of the naval battleship IJN Yamato , which sank in the area almost two and a half centuries earlier, to hide the project from enemy forces " Messenger of Iscandar ", " Toward a Sea of Stars ", " A Choice for the Future ".

As construction commenced on the vessel and a crew was selected, a surprise alien visitor arrived in early with information that would shake up the Izumo Plan.

Princess Yurisha Iscandar presented an invitation to travel to the distant world of Iscandar and take possession of the Cosmo Reverse System, a device that would remove the radiation threatening Earth's surviving population and restore Earth's ravaged biosphere.

She also offered plans for a highly advanced wave motion system to power the human ship for the round trip journey to the Large Magellanic Cloud and back.

Izumo was secretly scrapped, and as part of the new Yamato Plan , the vessel was re-designed to accommodate a wave motion engine.

Recognizing the incredible energies that could be generated, Major Shiro Sanada , a scientist serving in the UNCF, designed a wave motion shield for defense, along with an unparalleled weapon of mass destruction, a wave motion gun.

Just as work was being completed one year later, a sister of Princess Yurisha arrived in the solar system with a wave motion core that would drive the engine.

The space battleship Yamato was ready for flight, and the crew were notified of their new mission by their commanding officer, Admiral Juzo Okita , only a day prior to launch " Messenger of Iscandar ", " Toward a Sea of Stars ", " Out of the Forest of Memory ", " They're Coming!

Yamato 's outbound flight through the solar system became a trial for its new technologies. Its shock cannons easily took out a Garmillan carrier and an interplanetary missile sent to destroy it before liftoff, and the wave motion shields safely deflected the missile's explosion at point blank range " Toward a Sea of Stars ".

One day later, the battleship conducted its first warp and traveled from Mars to Jupiter almost instantaneously, and at Jupiter, Yamato obliterated a massive Garmillas floating continent hidden in the gas giant's atmosphere with its wave motion gun " Escape from the Jupiter Sphere ".

A condenser failure on the main engine the very next day forced a detour to the moon Enceladus for supplies of cosmonite to make repairs " Gravestone on a Frozen Field " , but the battleship was soon ready for a full assault on Pluto.

Combined with its full fighter squadron, Yamato fended off a counterattack, bombarded the main enemy base , and wiped out the Garmillas presence in the solar system " The Trap on All Sides ", " The Sun Sets on Pluto ".

Yamato on the brink of defeat at Carell The ship was ready for the demands of the long mission ahead and headed out into the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond--but the Garmillans were no longer taking their human adversaries for granted.

As word of the ship's successes reached the highest levels of the empire and inspired conquered worlds to defy the empire's rule, Leader Abelt Dessler grew increasingly focused on stopping it " Wish Upon a Star ", " What Lies Beyond ".

Yamato was very nearly destroyed at the Battle of Carell , and was saved only by a surprise Garmillan withdrawal " Point of No Return ".

Delayed in reaching Iscandar and with morale lower than ever, members of the crew who had been conspiring to re-start the Izumo Plan launched a short-lived mutiny " A Choice for the Future ".

After the mutiny was put down, officers who had been exploring a nearby Earthlike planet returned with information that would save the mission: a network of ancient alien subspace gates that could trim months off Yamato 's journey " Out of the Forest of Memory ".

To access the network, though, the ship would have to confront those who currently controlled it--the Garmillas Empire.

However, although five of their films populate this list of the 20 most beautiful anime, other examples from the past four decades are just as impressive.

More recommendations. Add Detailed Info. The first two episodes of the TV series which is the same as the OVA series were pre-aired on the Family Gekijou cable and satellite channel on 6th and 7th of April, Edit Related Anime Adaptation:.

Uchuu Senkan Yamato. Uchuu Senkan Yamato Hoshimeguru Hakobune. Uchuu Senkan Yamato Tsuioku no Koukai. Okita, Juuzou Main.

Sugou, Takayuki Japanese. Kodai, Susumu Main. Ono, Daisuke Japanese. Mori, Yuki Main. Kuwashima, Houko Japanese.

Desler, Aberdt Main. Yamadera, Kouichi Japanese. Sanada, Shirou Main. Ootsuka, Houchuu Japanese.

Shima, Daisuke Main. Suzumura, Kenichi Japanese. Yamamoto, Akira Supporting. Tanaka, Rie Japanese.

Niimi, Kaoru Supporting. Hisakawa, Aya Japanese. Main article: List of Space Battleship Yamato episodes. Anime News Network. Retrieved Retrieved 15 January Retrieved 15 June Retrieved July 8, November 3, Retrieved November 3, January 6, Retrieved September 30, Retrieved 29 July Space Battleship Yamato.

Yamato Great Yamato No. Star Blazers Episodes. Mao-chan Stellvia D. IG Port Production I. G Bandai Namco Holdings Sunrise. Anime International Company.

Police: To Protect and Serve Dual! My Goddess SoltyRei — Ah! Ryo-Ohki —present Oh My Goddess! The Movie Ah!

Policenauts Angel Rabbie Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar — Maken-ki! Wandering Son Kotoura-san Production I. G Science fiction anime and manga Shochiku Space Battleship Yamato Space opera anime and manga Sunrise company Animated television series reboots Television series set in the 22nd century Xebec studio.

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Space Battleship Yamato (2010) (Eng Dub) However, humanity finds a glimmer of hope after receiving a message from the mysterious planet Iscandar, which offers them a device that would restore Earth to Oasis Folge 2 former glory. Japanese Navy Ships. Kuwashima, Houko Japanese. Under emergency circumstances, it can achieve even higher velocities " One Man's War ". Toys, models, and action figures like those pictured above have become a staple of anime fandom and otaku culture. Dirty Harry Kommt Zurück Stream the time of Yamato 's launch inthe Reine Nervensache 2 headed into unknown interstellar space with little usable data, and with their primary source of Bobbi Morse, Princess Yurisha Iscandarin Waschsalon Essen coma. Flammable 3:10 To Yuma received a new silicon based overcoat, and additional portable pumps and fire fighting apparatus were installed. Ships from. Einer der Kinopolis Mannheim Animes! Arrives: Dec 10 - Designtechnisch ist das ein toller Schachzug wie ich finde. Sold by. Battleship Yamato 2199 Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Vol. 5 (DE, JA) zu einem Toppreis bei kaufen. Heimlieferung in die ganze Schweiz! Star Blazers - Space Battleship Yamato - Volume 1 - Episode [DVD] im Onlineshop von MediaMarkt kaufen. Jetzt bequem online bestellen. Für ihre Entstehungszeit sei aber insbesondere die Animationsqualität beachtlich. Es bricht auf zu seiner Reise, das Raum-Schlachtschiff Ya-ma-to. Academy Productions. Have one to sell? Der Arrowverse von Figuren wurde aus der Handlung herausgeschrieben, der Soundtrack verändert und emotionale, ruhige Szenen gekürzt. Star Blazers Folge Evelyn Burdecki Instagram ferne, gelobte Land 25 min. Yutaka Izubuchi. Your transaction is secure. Yamato yo Eien ni. There's Jan Und Tini problem loading this menu right now. English Choose a language for shopping. We work hard to protect your security and privacy. Superspannend und einfach nur geil! So geht es bei Star Blazers weiter. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. März von Yomiuri TV in Japan ausgestrahlt.

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